Full control over the production of krill oil,

from harvest to processing and encapsulation



Krillan™ Krill’s value chain is completely transparent

Krillan™  Krill is unique in the marine omega-3 world due to the significantly fewer processing steps needed to create the final product. Relative to other marine omega-3 sources, krill is considered a whole food extract. In fact, because it is environmentally clean in its original form, no purification or distillation is required. Furthermore, the immediate on-board processing of Krillan™ Krill prevents decomposition and degradation and protects the nutritional integrity of the product.


Full product traceability

The traceability of Krillan™ krill starts with identifying where physically the krill is harvested in the Antarctic Ocean, by registering the longitude and latitude of the harvest. The krill is measured and weighed and the species are identified on a daily basis, and the volume harvested at each location is registered.

Each day of manufacturing is individually identified and each batch of raw materials used to manufacturing Krillan™ krill oil is registered. All the components used to create Krillan™ are traceable back to the supplier. Storage and transportation points are controlled, monitored and registered.

Our records and documentation assure full traceability throughout the whole supply chain, from harvesting the krill in the Antarctic to the end product, Krillan™.